Volume 1, No 1

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  • 1. Interrogating Food Security in Nigeria from a Historical Perspective By Kingdom E. Orji
  • 2. Endangerment, Degradation and the Language of Conflict in the Niger Delta: An Ecological Study of Chris Onyema’s Crude Waves of the Delta By Anthony Adele Orlu, Ph.D
  • 3. Religion, Drug Abuse and Alcoholism: An Examination of Marijuana and Alcohol By Jaja Mac Afisa
  • 4. A Summative Review on Art Theories and Critique on Plato’s Imitation Theory: Its Reservations for the Arts in the Light Of The 21st Century Happenings By Charles G. T. Omuaru, Sotonye Allen Orubu & Biobele Chinwendu-Nwogu
  • 5. Une Nouvelle Approche De L’enseignement De L’imparfait Et Du Passe Compose Aux Etudiants Anglophones Par Ubikitan, Unininte Clarissa
  • 6. The Law as a Tool in the Eradication of Corruption in Contemporary Nigerian Society By Emmanuel Imuetinyan Obarisagbon & Robert U Ijegbai
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