Volume 1, No 2

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  • 1. Pronouns and Cognitive Shift: A Procedural Analysis of Titles of Church Posters in Edo State By Aikoriogie, Augustine Marvis & Nwala Michael Alozie PhD
  • 2. The Place of Philosophy in the Growth of Democratic Governance in Nigeria By Osawaru, Osamede Christopher
  • 3. Cross-Cultural Influences and the Development of Architecture in Olugbobiri, Bayelsa State, Nigeria By Mangiri, Stanley Golikumo PhD
  • 4. Comparative Analysis of Funding Political Parties and Corruption in Nigeria: 1960 – 2011 As A Focus By Sunday Okungbowa Uhunmwuangho, PhD & Henry Magnus Obasogie, PhD
  • 5. A Critical Analysis of Rachels James on the Challenge of Cultural Relativism By Tamunosiki V. Ogan PhD
  • 6. Voter Apathy and Democratic Discourse Of December 10, 2016 Legislative Re-Run Elections in Rivers State By Amannah Peace Ireju, PhD & Ogosu Martin Obari-Benju
  • 7. Impact of Modern Technological Gadgets on Edo Women’s Activities in Benin City, Nigeria: A Sociological Analysis By Alenkhe Odianonsen Augustine & Emmanuel Imuetinyan Obarisiagbon, PhD
  • 8. Religion and Prohibition of Human Trafficking In Nigeria: The Role of the Christian Church & Eche, Godwin Aturuchi PhD
  • 9. Effects of Environmental Degradation on Rural Communities’ Sustainable Development: Niger Delta Communities in Focus By Ekpu, Christopher Ehizefua Esq. PhD & Unufe, Joseph M.Sc
  • 10. Generic Ideologies of Popular Culture in Nollywood By Ibe O. Ibe, Femi O. Shaka & Femi O. Shaka
  • 11. The Crisis of National Identity in Nigeria By James Jacob PhD & Owhor Nathan Oviri
  • 12. The Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES) Partnership for Sustainable Development: An Analysis By Henry Abba Onyilo M.Sc, PGDE & Agaba Halidu PhD
  • 14. Globalization Trends and Malaysia’s Development in the 21st Century By UGO, Yenimikikuro
  • 15. Appraising the Agro-Allied Ventures in Ogbia in the Central Niger Delta: Historical Discourse By Josiah Tina Mafel & O.C.C. Ama-Ogbari
  • 16. Tackling Ethno-Religious Crises in Nigeria: The Historical Imperatives By Henchard B. Erezene, PhD
  • 17. The Abolition of Trans-Atlantic of Slave Trade and the Impact on the Ndoki, 1807-1901 By Ihute Nkemakolam Ulonna & A. M. Okorobia
  • 18. The Historical Implications of Youth Unemployment on Sustainable Development in Ikwerre: A Case Study of Rumuji Community, Rivers State, Nigeria By Ikunga, S.A., PhD & Michael, Thomas Blessed, PhD
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