Volume 3, No 1

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  • 1. A Hermeneutical Study of Paul’s Injunction to Women teaching in the Church in 1Timothy 2:9-15 By Mercy Uwaezuoke Chukwuedo, PhD
  • 2. Une Analyse Stylistique Des Romans De Mongo Beti Et De Ferdinand Oyono Par Patience Lysias Gilbert, PhD & Folorunso Ogunleke
  • 3. The Traditional Burial Rites and Akan People of Ghana in West Africa. An Overview By Nweke Innocent Ogbonna, PhD
  • 4. Development Planning: Diagnosing And Remedying Nigeria’s Development Planning Malady from a Historical Perspective By Benibo, Tonye Diepiriye & Kingdom E. Orji
  • 5. Unveiling the Roles of Poverty and Wealth Theologies in National Development: The Migrant Experience By Ehiemua Gloria Faith
  • 6. Garrick Sokari Braide: A Cultural Nationalist, 1882-1918 By Keke, Reginald Chikere, PhD & Abutu, Freeman Gabriel Adikwuoyi. PhD
  • 7. The Symbolism of Endsars Protest: A Wakeup Call for True Federalism as Genuine Democracy in Contemporary Nigeria By Ezinwa Vincent C. & Naomi A. Phinos PhD
  • 8. Work Ethics as an Effective Tool for Human Capacity Utilization in Nigeria By Osawaru, Osamede Christopher
  • 9. Intellectual Capital Development: The Genuine Cure for Poverty in Nigeria By U.K. Emoefe Ekiugbo PhD
  • 10. La Societe Incarnee A Travers Les Heros Dans Une Si Longue Lettre De Mariama Bâ, Et Auguste Visite De Lynn Mbuko By Egwu Ifeoma J.
  • 11. When the Celestial Becomes the Mundane: Pentecostal Churches and Leadership Succession in Nigeria By Wilson E. Ehianu & Gabriel O. Ubuane
  • 12. The Future of TfD in Pandemic and Post Pandemic Era: A Review of “Dr. Lecturer” a Ph.D Pilot Project on Misconduct in University of Port Harcourt Community By Agha, Charles & Patrick Agha PhD
  • 13. The Significance of Religious Symbols in Christianity, Islam and Afican Traditional Religion By Ndidi Justice Gbule PhD
  • 14. Interconnectiveness of man and nature and the Art of survival in Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea and Anita Desai's The Village by the Sea By Harrison Iweka Nwachukwu, Maria Ajima PhD & Chris K. Ukande PhD
  • 15. Political Godfatherism in Nigeria: A Survey of Women Elective Position in South-East and South-West Nigeria By Oni, Michael Abiodun & Okoronkwo, Patience Nnenna
  • 16. Covenant in the Old Testament and Its Theological Reflections among Igieduma People of Edo State in Nigeria By Izevbigie Augustus Eghe
  • 17. Visual Arts Studies and Practice in Nigeria: Facts and Realities in the Era of Globalism By Kasi Jockeil-Ojike, Udoji Daniel C. & Nwaoloko Juliana Ure
  • 18. L’agencement Morphémique: Examen Didactique Des Processus De La Créativité Lexicale En Français Hexagonal Par Omenohia, Douglas Umada & Douglas, Josiah Gogo-ogute
  • 19. The Impact of Naija Hip-Pop Mother Tongue Song Text in Cultural Promotion and Identity – The Case of Timaya and Dunkan Mightys Music By Albert, Alfred Gelles PhD & Evangeline B. Giami PhD
  • 20. The Pandemics, Climate Change and Limits of Freedom: Human Contrivances vs. Natural Reprisals By Anthony Afe. Asekhauno, PhD & Ray N. Chikogu, PhD
  • 21. The Place of Women in Sophocles' Oedipus Rex And Ola Rotimi's the Gods Are Not To Blame By Enwere Kathryn Ify
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